Microsoft Access Form Events Event Handling Macros in Access Visual Basic

When you’re designing a form in Microsoft Access, you can put onto it things like labels, textboxes, buttons and comboboxes. The generic name for all fo these things is called a control.

Both the form itself – and each individual control on it – has a whole set of events which can happen in its life. These are similar to the events which can happen in your life. For example, for a human the main events are:

A typical event for an Access form is the OnOpen event, which runs whenever you open the form. Typical code that you might attach to this might be to hide or display certain controls dependent on who the user is or what they’re doing.

Certain events are divided into two parts: Before and After. For example, a form has got a BeforeUpdate and AfterUpdate event. Imagine that you fill in the details for a person in a contact form in Access, then click on the button to move onto the next blank record. This will automatically trigger the BeforeUpdate event. At this point validation code could determine that you haven’t filled in the form correctly (perhaps you’ve missed out the person’s surname, or put in a date of birth in the future), and cancel the update.

Alternatively, the BeforeUpdate event could run unimpeded, and at this point Access will save the record and then move on to the AfterUpdate event. You can attach code to this event to react to what has just occurred, but it is to late to stop the update happening.

This is what happens for form events, but the same is true of control events. For example, if you have a text box where you have to type in someone’s name, you might inadvertently type in too many characters, or a number. When you press TAB to move on to the next control, the control’s BeforeUpdate event will kick in, at which point you can check that the name typed in is acceptable (and if not, cancel the event). If, however, the control passes this test, then Access moves on to the AfterUpdate event. Typical VBA code would then change the value of other controls accordingly.

Other events include:

Once you’ve mastered what’s happening in MS Access forms, you’ll be ready to become a serious Access developer!


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An Intelligent Student Information System

An intelligent student information system allows all accounting and invoice functions as concurrently managing the educational requirements of the student and the management. The inherent accounting abilities of the systems soft-ware allow the running of every accounting as well as billing events without duplicating the hard work, such as having a parallel manual system.

Student information system:

The obtainable accounting modules take in functions similar to maintaining a common ledger book, billing intended for students, every due and receivable detail, and assignment funding as well as accounting detail. The inherent automatic make contact with management e-mailing during the system enables organized, usual mails with particulars regarding whichever fee paid otherwise to be paid by means of the students. The integrated shared database gives details of school, small hotel, otherwise every other fee receivable from only sources intended for simple take notes and potential auditing.

Student information systems are included with the parent portal for usual up to date of student related information plus good comment. The higher systems allow making of a user name plus password for confined access to such in sequence. The genuine occasion accessibility of all student related information such as audience, marks otherwise grades acquired in term examinations with class and examination time-tables allows parents, teacher and administrator to interrelate using the online interface intended for improving the show of student.

School Management Systems:

The major reason of School Management Systems is to assist schools manage different operations counting administrative, student data, with fundraising operation. It is dissimilar from Course otherwise Learning Management Systems since schools have dissimilar wants towards education process within social manner and the learning organization has several nuances compared to common school teaching. School management systems build the information flow earlier and additional available. They give teachers with helpful instruments to reduce the daily routine of easy tasks that could be automatic.

A different school exact is the need to engage children parents additional during the course of their child’s learning. Several school management systems are online-based to give entrance from any CPU with an online connection with no extra software setting up. The management of the soft-ware is extra centralized and faster to stay updated. Through implementing soft-ware to handle each day school needs teacher and administrator may save occasion and have a high-quality impression of possessions.

Student management system:

While students are joining an institute, they benefit lots of data from healthiness, individual data, and topic choices with lots of other issue. This information would receive months to be sorted up and applied except the student management system builds the course simple as it stores all of the criterion in a dissimilar compartment wherever if any tabulation otherwise extra statistical operations are required, it would be simple to perform it.

Monitoring of learning progress; the student management system is in addition used as an instrument for assessing a student’s growth. The online based e-learning system is the vogue in the majority schools and parent’s can log in as well as inquiry their for children performance prior following up on the similar. This builds the student to for all time be on their toes among the experience which their parent’s are always aware of at all let up during their show.

Integrative contact instrument; the recent student management system is not presently a database but the interface approaches with an interactive tag wherever teachers, parents, and students may interrelate through talk on the learning policies and practices with other relevant issues which might begin about the school.