Ensure Increased Sales And Reduced Asset Loss With Evaluation Systems

Compared to earlier times, today new products are launched almost every day. However, the feeling of excitement and the desire to own the product is far less today. This is because today’s customers have grown smart and practical. They are not ready to take anything at face value. They want to be amply sure about the product’s plus points before taking the plunge. And if it takes months they are ready to even wait that long. They are not easily convinced and therefore before buying any product, they would enquire about the product and if and only if they are thoroughly satisfied with the feedback then only they would buy the product. Realizing the new attitude of the customers, companies are devising newer ways to reach and convince them.

Of the different methods, the best way to convince customer of the effectiveness of a product is the ‘try before you buy’ programs. This is because statistics show that people would rather opt to try something that is free rather than buy a product without using it or fully understanding its benefits. However, this method has its fair share of shortcomings namely loss of demo equipment, monitoring problems, delayed returns management and more.

Hence, what product manufacturers need is an innovative, state-of-the-art Demo/Loaner program or evaluation system that delivers product’s benefits to the users hassle-free. Such a program would increase the visibility, accessibility, and utilization of the product. The following are some of the advantages of an evaluation system.

??? Advanced tracking solutions that result in lower loss of demo equipment of up to 80% lower than current rates

??? “Simulated” installation in Tech Center ensures that the DoA rate stays low

??? Real time reporting via the web reduces monitoring time and costs

??? Extensive aftermarket support – live call to customer in case of failure to return equipment, tests to ensure returned equipment is in working condition and delivery of equipment back into the inventory/demo pool

??? Managed calibration and update/upgrades on all

??? Dramatically improved asset utilization by leveraging the capabilities of a state-of-the-art multi-million dollar software application

??? Leverages the advantage of product excellence, device demonstration, and customer intimacy with short-term yet effective loaner programs

Thus, evaluation systems are the sure shot means of ensuring customer satisfaction, increased sales and market infiltration and reduced asset loss.