Windows 7 Installation Enter

I would say without a doubt, that most people who use or have used a Windows-based computer, either at home or work, have used or currently using popular office suite in any version. For those who never heard of it, (if any) I can tell you I’m talking about a very popular commercial product that allows users to create, edit, open and save text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases data and more. as I did in this article I will tell you how this set of useful tools included under the name of Microsoft Office 2007 behaves when installed in the Windows 7.

I always say that to see how the installation process can have a rough idea of how the program will run once it is fully installed. In this particular case, I have to say that the whole process went pretty well, I can only complain about it taking too long, so if you paid no regard to this issue (we assume that Windows 7 is not a machine super fast and the copy and the configuration of more than 500MB on my hard drive is not a quick task), it was so easy, starting with the extraction of the files as follows.

All he had to do was enter the key to what I did and after being prompted to select installation options, which means that parts of Microsoft Office that is installed, the selection was not very different than other programs, only a menu tree where I could choose the categories and subcategories. (I’m not very good to Buy Windows 7, so please take a look at the screenshot below)

As I did with OpenOffice. org tried the three main and most used applications to Microsoft Office Professional 2007 provides, just to be sure that everything worked well: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I must admit that beyond my expectations, I realized that when it comes to open, create and save text documents, spreadsheets and presentations of these programs are pretty good and apparently without mishap or delay of any kind. In the next two screenshots you can see how the Word was perfectly able to open, edit and save a text document.

In connection with the integration I can only say that not all Aero features worked perfectly with Office, I noticed that when I tried to restore the window size by dragging it, nothing would happen, so I had to go to the Restore button or double click click the title bar. Anyway, this is not a major drawback, but it could be a hassle if you’re in the habit of using it. Otherwise I think Microsoft Office 2007 integrates fairy and the environment of Windows 7.

I must admit I started this test with a great deal of skepticism, because as you can see I have found so many complaints about this software and its use under the latest operating system from Microsoft. However I have to say it has worked well for me not really know if this condition is stable forever, so I’ll keep an eye on him.