Industrial Wireless Controls For Bulk Plant Emergency Shutdown System

Industrial radio remote controls allow industrial plants to extend their PNC into the plant. During present time they are used to support a wide range of process automation applications that improve the plants efficiency, reliability, and security. This includes perimeter and process video monitoring, personnel and asset location, handheld application and obviously the procedure optimization using industrial field instruments. Now industrial wireless controls are widely popular and well activated in industrial sectors. Now a small work can be done by radio remote control with less power.

Now you can find several sophisticated industrial radio remote control in the market if you want to enhance the level of work force in your industrial area. Nowadays, industrial wireless controls are considered as one of the most reliable tools for security. At the same time, these radio remote controls are easy to use and operate. However, before using radio remote controls learn more about the features of this type of industrial system to ensure maximum security and peace of mind.

Now Bulk plant wireless emergency shutdown systems are developed to eliminate costly hard wiring of fixed location emergency stop switches. Any number of wireless remote emergency switches can be installed within the plant facility and communicate with one receiver and controller unit. These systems will work in conjunction with existing, hard wired, manual E stop switches and plant safety controls. And the operator worn E stop remotes can also be added to these systems.

Now there are different model of E stop remotes you can see. Among of them these are really effective and more sophisticated for industrial area.

Model ASKF 100 AC

The fixed frequency remote Emergency switch operates at 433 MHz using two double “A” batteries. Transmitter is energized only when E-Stop switch is activated. Battery test button shows a “low battery” flashing LED on the E-Stop switch as well as on the receiver/controller unit. The operating range is up to 1000ft.

Now the daily emergency stop transmitter battery tests and scheduled battery replacement intervals are strongly recommended. The E stop transmitters and receiver and controller shut down will not operate when the remote E stop transmitter batteries are exhausted.

Model DSSF 100 AC

The direct sequence, spread spectrum remote Emergency stop switch operates at 2.4 GHz using a rechargeable battery pack. The E stop switch receiver and controller unit are connected via safe link a continuous monitoring feature exclusive. Now any lose of signal connection between the remote E stop switch and receiver and controller results in an automatic e stop trigger until the signal is restored.

Now the high powered E stop transmitters have operating range of up to two miles. At the same time the transmitter must be connected to a backup power supply as the battery pack will operate for only seven days. And the backup power of this industrial radio remote control system is 12/24VDC, 120/240 VAC and the solar powered where practical.