Accelerate Businesses With Server Load Balancing

In today’s business world that is highly competitive and volatile, most enterprises are accustomed to moving at lightning speed. Slowdowns are something that is unacceptable and therefore applications and servers need to be fast, available and secure 24/7. The users must be able to access applications at all times irrespective of any issue. Hence, enterprises need to ensure that applications scale without sacrificing reliability or the end-user experience no matter what happens to a server or how high usage volumes go. The following are some of the challenges faced by enterprises today.

That is where server load balancers come useful. Load balancing is a front-end function for application and web servers that distributes requests to reduce the burden on individual servers, ensures persistence for sessions and transactions, and maintains sessions in the event the servers become unavailable. Thus, it helps servers and applications to handle high volumes of incoming traffic but at the same time ensures that no single device is overwhelmed.

A best of breed server load balancer provides scalability and high availability for applications, Web sites and cloud services by monitoring the health of servers, evenly distributing loads across servers and maintaining session persistence and a seamless user experience in the event that one or more servers become overburdened or unresponsive. The following are some of the advantages of a best of breed server load balancers.

Whether it is a single application or Website, a large Internet property or a public or private cloud, server load balancing delivers the performance, scalability, features and value essential for accelerating businesses.